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  • Book Room:豪华商务双床房
  • Room Type Price:¥450   Member Price:¥400
  • 房态:有房      床型:大床      早餐:含早餐      宽带:免费

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Note: the hotel is set aside to 18 points, if you can not arrive, please contact the hotel front desk to coordinate the reservation, and the latest to the storeTime, flight information or credit card number in the notes.


Payment: front desk payment (cash).

Include the cost of hotel service, not including tax and other expenses hotel guests the cost of additional requirements.

Online prices may change.

In order to facilitate the hotel front desk to check in, please provide the correct check-in information when the reservation.

When you have a room number is greater than 1, please leave the corresponding check in person, the person in the name can not be the same, in order to facilitate the check-in procedures.

Your special request may not be realized, or may be subject to the corresponding costs.

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